Do you have a headache? Stress headache or migraine headache?

Many people struggle with headache routinely and also associate it to anxiety or work that is harming the neck and shoulder region. Frequently you can feel a clear connection with tight muscular tissues in the neck as well as a radiation from there to the head. Nevertheless, it is necessary to figure out why the rygsmerter muscle neck is irritated. Read more about it in the section concerning the neck.

The connection between neck issues as well as frustrations appears for those with stress headaches, but those with migraines can typically be aided. To avoid and also minimize the strength of migraine assaults, it is also essential to take a look at connections from various other parts of the body to decrease the pressure on the neck.

For both of the two significant frustration forms, it can be efficient with craniosacral therapy, where you deal with the movement in between the cranial nodules.


Have you had whiplash? Have you had a neck bed?
What takes place during a whiplash injury is that the entire neck is stretched and after that pressed. This influences both joints, muscles, connective cells, yet additionally connective cells around the nervous system. These connective cells continue completely to the cortex.


Since this trauma impacts the nerves to such a level, it commonly triggers several signs and symptoms. This can be frustration, wooziness, nausea, rigidity/ pain in the body, a lot of in the neck.

Given that the signs are often effective, and also usually entail connective cells around the nerves, it is normally also terrible to function straight with the neck, but rather to influence the area by collaborating with various other structures that belong to the area.